11 Weird Ways to Motivate Yourself

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith so much distraction in our lives, it can be hard to stay on track with our goals. Maybe you…

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith so much distraction in our lives, it can be hard to stay on track with our goals. Maybe you have a career goal, a fitness goal or a relationship goal. Whatever it may be, it’s what gets you out of bed every morning. How do you keep moving towards your goals without getting lazy and binge watching “Entourage” for an entire afternoon. Will power has never been so important. We have instant access to every type of entertainment imaginable at any time and any place. It’s so easy to just stay “complacent” in your current life situation because at least you can watch YouTube videos. A year will go by and you’re no where near where you want to be. You need to start creating leverage in your life. You need some motivation. Here are some unexpected ways to get off the couch and get shit done.

  1. Take a cold shower

Having heated water is a luxury that a lot of other countries simply don’t have. Taking a shower with the water all the way to cold will definitely give you the energy and will power you need to get motivated. You will feel ALIVE both mentally and physically. Putting yourself through ten minutes of absolute freezing water wakes up your nerves and gets you ready to murder your day. If an ice cold shower seems like a bit too much to handle, try dunking your face into a sinful of cold water. If we give your body that same jolt of “ok! ok! I’m awake!”.

  1. 3 little things

Let’s say your goal is to be jacked by the time summer comes. Everyday, I want you to write down 3 things that you can do TODAY to get closer to that goal. Maybe it’s doing a workout, making a green smoothie, planning your workouts for the week, make a grocery list etc. Commit to 3 things per day and you will be amazed how quickly your goal comes to fruition.

  1. Set reminders on your phone

Set a permanent reminder on your phone about your goal. It’s so easy to forget about how important accomplishing this goal really is because of all the distractions around you. They are sucking your attention away. Put your goal on your calendar everyday for a month. When your phone dings you will look down and see your goal as opposed to something totally unimportant like someone commenting on your status update. Just seeing it written down everyday will implant it into your subconscious mind. You will start putting your goal before everything else.

  1. Lift weights
    Young woman holding dumb-bells
    Young woman holding dumb-bells

Pumping iron can make you feel like you can do anything. Exercise ups blood flow to the brain and will actually put you in a happier, more positive mood. Get about 4 sessions in per week and you will find that you have become more motivated in other areas of your life as well.

  1. Use collateral

Give your friend (whom you trust) something valuable of yours. It should be something you use semi-often like your ipod or your watch. Alternatively you can also give them money. Tell them not to give it back until you have completed your goal. Pick a friend who isn’t easily swayed and feels just as strongly about motivation as you do.

  1. Get a friend to bug you

Ask a friend to send you texts to check in on your progress, and then you can do the same for them. Having someone nag you about your goal will force you to start creating results. It will give you the feeling that you’re in it together and you will start looking forward to showing your friend how much progress you have made that week. You can also send eachother pics as proof you’re getting shit done.

  1. Make your desktop count

Change your desktop image to something that represents your goal. Maybe you are saving up to buy a new set of golf clubs. Put the picture up on your desktop and you now have your own personal dangling carrot. Looking at it everyday will keep you on track and excited about your journey to the top.

  1. Post about it online

Use social media to your advantage. Let your friends know what you’re up to and what you’re planning on doing in the future to reach your goal. You can also use sites such as Reddit to connect with people who might be after the same things as you.The fact that everyone knows about it is enough leverage to make sure you get it done. You don’t want people to think you’re a failure, do you?

  1. Go shopping

Buying new things that have to do with your goal will help you stay on track. It’s the novelty that keeps you going. If your goal is to finish a painting you’ve been working on forever, why not buy some new paintbrushes? If your goal is to be fit and toned, why not buy a new pair of running shorts? It sounds insignificant, but bringing new-ness into your routine will keep it fresh and exciting.

  1. Download an app to minimize time wasting

There are a ton of apps out there that will help you stop wasting time on social media and random internet musings. There is one app called “Anti-Procrastinator” that will replace your entire news feed on Facebook with motivational quotes. Try it out, you’re not going to be missing out on much…

  1. Wake up earlyweirdwaystomotivateyourself-wakeupearly

Start getting into the habit of waking up early. Remember when you were a kid and you got up at 8am on Saturday morning and ran downstairs to watch cartoons? Remember how excited you were? You gotta find a way to get that “jump out of bed” feeling back. Going to bed early and then waking up early will totally change your day. Getting up with the sun gives you an entire day to get all your tasks done and then some. If you’re going to be an early riser, make sure you go to bed early otherwise you will just be grumpy and underslept.

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