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10 Dirty Lines to Whisper in Her Ear

Dirty Lines to Whisper in Her Ear - Sexpillpros
Dirty Lines to Whisper in Her Ear - Sexpillpros

omen get majorly turned on with dirty talk. A single phrase can turn your average sex session into a fantasy love making fest. Certain words will get her going more than others, it’s all about using the right combination to tickle her brain and get her stimulated. Use these lines in the heat of the moment to get her arousal level through the roof.

    1. You are so fucking gorgeous

The “fucking” is optional, but it definitely adds to the “dirtiness” of the phrase. Being cute…meh, being pretty…blah. Being gorgeous? Whoa. She will feel admired, confident and so turned on when you throw this one on her.

    1. You’re so soft


      Touching her smooth and silky skin

Bringing up the contrast of her smooth and silky skin versus you rough hands will give her chills in the best possible way. Say this while you caress the curve of her back and ass.

    1. Oh my god, you’re so wet

Showing her you approve of her wetness will make her shiver with pleasure. Whisper this in her ear while you finger her gently.

    1. Your ass/tits are perfect

Talk about validation. This will make her feel so good about her body and put her right in the moment with you. Say this while you squeeze her attributes in admiration.

    1. Your pussy tastes so good

Give her this line when you’re going down on her. Knowing you like the taste will make her so hot. She will also be able to relax more and therefore reach orgasm easily.

    1. I wanna fuck you so bad

      Couple making love in bed. concept about relationship and passion

      Couple making love in bed. concept about relationship and passion

This is a perfect thing to say when you just can’t take it anymore, you have to have her NOW. This line makes sex seem almost “forbidden”. As if you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s an illusion that messes with her mind a bit. It will make her feel so naughty.

    1. That feels good doesn’t it?

This line is pure POWER. You have her wrapped around your finger (quite literally) at this point. Make her feel vulnerable by deciding it feels good to her. She will nod along yes and feel totally under your control.

    1. Are you gonna come for me?

This is a rhetorical question. Say this when she’s right on the edge. This line also evokes power and makes you seem like you are in control of her which is a huge turn on.

    1. Good girl.

Getting your approval in this way will make her wet for days. Tell her she’s a good girl when she does something you like such as moaning, removing her panties or grinding. You could say “You’re a very good girl for getting naked”. She will most likely blush and look away, but know she is so turned on right now.

    1. I’m getting so hard for you

This line works because it evokes feelings of being admired. What a perfect time to take her hand and make her feel it for herself.

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