8 Effective Ways to Achieve Your Exercise Goals When You’re Unmotivated


The right mindset is key to your workout success. But how to have the right mindset when you dread even the very thought of exercise? You want to get a fit and lean body and the only way to do this is through exercise. There are quick fixes though, but they do more harm than good.

Sticking to a regular exercise is the only healthy way to get that ideal body. Besides, muscles get stronger and leaner with exercise. Without one, they become weak and lose their bulk. Breathing will also become more difficult since well-conditioned muscles help you to breathe with more ease.

Whether you like it or not, you have to put more time and effort to exercise to get maximum results. But don’t give up just yet. You don’t need to take the big leap as a starting point. The best strategy is to take small steps one at a time.

Below are proven and effective tips that are guaranteed to help you walk your way to your exercise success.

Trash the quick-fix mindset

Worthwhile things take more energy, time, and effort. This is how nature design things to be. Quick fixes may work but only for a short term, and oftentimes, cause more harm than good. Don’t believe in ads or infomercials about the quickest ways to a leaner body in the shortest possible time. They only prove the saying, “Easy come, easy go.”

Do some research

Listening to what others say can be of big help. Professionals and fitness experts offer information about the types of exercises for different types of people. The online world is also full of helpful information about the best exercises for beginners.

You can start to learn on your own or better yet, when your budget allows, hire a professional or enroll in a gym membership to ensure success in your fitness journey. Starting at a snail’s pace is also a good idea since you’re still establishing a good relationship with your exercise goals.

Form a habit

gym workoutForming a habit takes time. The same goes for your exercise journey. Regular exercisers have been on the journey for a longer time. They’ve stuck to their goals through thick and thin, through stormy days, warm days or lazy days when they’re too lazy to move a muscle. This is one secret to making regular exercise part of your daily routine. You have to defeat every challenge that comes in the way.

When exercise has become a habit, pressing on when you slip can be much easier because habits also take time to get rid of.

As you begin your journey, forget about weight loss. Instead, focus on making exercise a part of your daily routine. Once your body starts to adapt, it would be much easier for you to start counting the number on the scales or picking the right exercise to make your ideal body into reality.

Have a positive motivation

Do you desire to have six-pack abs because a hot chick has dumped you? Forget about exercise then. Motivation is good but the right motivation is even better. To look good is ideal but don’t fool yourself. Feeling much better about yourself is more important than trying to seek validation from others.

Things would flow more smoothly when you start to establish a good connection with your body. Find the right motivation. Once you do, it will make exercise a passion you would never stop pursuing even when you’re old. Experts also say that you tend to do more of the things that make you “feel good.”

Align your physical activity with your goals and priorities

Do you love dancing? If so, make dancing your exercise regimen. But if not, don’t force yourself. Doing something against your will can put a strain on your goals.

If you hate weightlifting, don’t go for it. Besides, nobody is imposing on you to do it other than yourself. Try weightlifting only when you want to challenge yourself and win in the process. But with low motivation? That could be disastrous for your fitness goals.

But if say one of your life goals is to create better friendships, a yoga class would be much better since it not only helps you achieve your exercise goals but also helps you connect with others, leading to blossoming friendships.

Just do it

heavy workoutThe product which promoted this line, “Just do it” simply nailed it. Including exercise in your to-do list for the day and simply doing it decreases the judgments you have about exercise.

Having no other motivation than to get the thing done can be effective in the long run, especially when you start getting positive results. When you’ve sat with yourself a bit longer and you still fail to convince yourself to exercise, simply doing it is the easiest way to do it.

Do exercises that are fun and enjoyable

As a total beginner, find exercises that are light, easy to do, and give you the most fun. Most activities that are fun doing are swimming, hiking, biking or playing sports. Begin by doing some of these activities if you find them enjoyable.

Remember, you’re still creating a habit. Once you find the activities that keep you engaged, moving on to other types of exercises would be much easier.

Prepare your body

The right mindset enables your body to move with more ease, but there’s another thing you need to focus on. And that involves the condition of your body. This means you need to feed your body with the right nutrition for endurance and stamina. Another thing is to check for your testosterone levels.

Some athletes go to the extent of taking steroids because of the important role testosterone plays in exercise. Not enough testosterone can give you minimum results that are not worth the time and effort spent. To increase your testosterone and get maximum results in your fitness journey, maintain healthy levels of testosterone by taking testosterone boosting supplements.

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