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5 Penis Issues And Why Your Life Is Still Good

by Sexpillpros Staff
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You’re a dick.

Sometimes, society makes it seem like all you are is a penis. You might, once in awhile, act like a dick, whatever that means, but you aren’t actually a penis. This narrative strips you down and defines you. It can make you feel like if your penis is struggling then you’re a failure. If you can’t achieve an erection or produce enough semen, then you should just go die alone in a corner. Somewhere. None of this crap is the truth and society sucks, often. Though it’s hard to imagine, and I hate to bring up this scenario, but if you lost your penis you’d still be fine. You’d still be an awesome husband, brother, son, human being, father-in-law, etc. The list goes on. It’s freakin’ huge and I haven’t got all day to list all the roles. Just know, you’d STILL be awesome.

Yeah, your penis helps with some of that awesomeness, but ladies don’t just love you because of your penis, no matter what size it is. Notice I said love, not lust. Two different things, dude. Though, having said that, women lust you for a lot of different reasons, too.

Women love your intelligence, your wit, your charm, your passion hobbies, your smile, and yes, your quirks and flaws. They really love your intelligence and humor, so you may want to showcase those more and whip out the underwear stretcher later.

Got some good news for you. 43% of women have sexual issues versus 31% of men. That’s good. Well, for you.

Anyway, let’s discuss some penis/sexual issues you might be experiencing and why your life is amazing, regardless.

#1 Low Libido

man with erectile issue sitting on bed, low libidoLow libido, or inhibited sexual desire, is a decreased interest in sex. It happens to tons of people and is very treatable. Low libido can be caused by tons of reasons like low testosterone, anxiety or depression; medicine, and medical issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Relationship issues can also be a reason for low libido. Makes sense. If the relationship’s sour, you might just want to avoid it altogether.

But, despite low libido, you’re the same person. Just like your penis, sex isn’t who you are. Whether or not you want sex, anymore, has nothing to do with your life.

#2 Rigidity. Not Really.

The holy grail of your existence. The only reason you were placed on this Earth. Your erection. Without it, you are nothing.

Tongue-in-cheek, of course. Some issues surrounding your erection include impotency which can lead to difficulty keeping an erection that will support intercourse. There are many causes of issues with erections including atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), psychological factors, performance anxiety, injury, or Peyronie’s disease.

#3 Wonky Geyser

Difficulty ejaculating can be caused by a couple of a couple of things, including:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Retarded or inhibited ejaculation
  • Retrograde ejaculation

banana and apple out of mens jeans like penis and ballsPremature ejaculation happens a little bit before or after penetrating your partner. Retarded or inhibited ejaculation occurs when your semen is slow to occur. Retrograde ejaculation pushes your semen back into your bladder.

Many times, premature ejaculation is caused by nervousness. When you’re feeling like you may not perform as well as you ejaculate early to finish the encounter.

Retrograde ejaculation is often related to nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy. If you aren’t diabetic, this issue might be caused by an operation on the bladder, prostate, neck, or abdomen. Medications for mood disorders and other disorders can also cause problems. Unless fertility is at stake, retrograde ejaculation is nothing to worry about.

#4 Peyronie’s Disease

Scar tissue, often caused by injury, on your penis is the cause of Peyronie’s Disease. This disease can cause your penis to narrow and curve. You might feel a lump on the upper section of your penis, though, sometimes, it may be somewhere else on your penis. If this disease is severe you’ll feel pain when an erection occurs, which, of course, can inhibit relations. This pain, usually, goes away within a year or two.

In the past, surgery was used to help with this condition, but it came with significant risks. Now, researchers are looking into injectable compounds to fight the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

#5 Atherosclerosis

Hardening and narrowing of the arteries are the defining features of atherosclerosis. Usually caused by smoking, elevated blood pressure, and high cholesterol, atherosclerosis blocks blood flow. Bad cholesterol, i.e. LDL, and cells combine to form plaque in the arteries. This plaque builds up, creates a dam in the arteries, and cuts off blood from reaching the rest of your body. While the most common conditions associated with atherosclerosis is heart attack and stroke, problems with maintaining an erection are also seen.

To avoid this issue, you’ll want to eat well, quit or never start smoking, and avoid bad cholesterol. Symptoms of atherosclerosis don’t often show before middle, or older, age, so you’ll want to develop good habits while young and most certainly when older.

Why is atherosclerosis and impotency a sign that your life is still good?

Simply put, you’re not dying. You aren’t having a heart attack or stroke that can leave you paralyzed or worse.

These are just a few of the conditions that can cause you concern. They have larger consequences than impotence or other penis issues, but if your penis is the only area affected, your life is still good. You live in a country where there’s help through hospitals and support groups.

Having sexual issues isn’t a death sentence. Your life will go on and your woman will still love your charm, wit, humor, and intelligence. Though, if she leaves, there’s billions more women to give your awesomeness.

Final Words

You’re not a dick.


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