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5 Bodyweight Bicep and Tricep Building Exercises

by sexpillpros

When we see dudes with huge biceps, we presume they spend their time pumping iron in the gym. Although we all want to look like that, gym memberships are costly and taking that first step to go to the gym can be difficult and humiliating. Luckily, there are ways to tone your arm muscles without a gym. In fact, bodyweight exercises mean that you can tone your arms without equipment at all. So if you don’t have a gym membership, and you aren’t rushing out to buy dumbbells, these exercises are for you.

 1. Plank

preview-full-shutterstock_551179315While people think they have the plank under control, they are often not doing it quite right. Firstly, you need to have your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your elbows should not be locked. Locked elbows take the weight, rather than your triceps taking the weight, meaning you are not getting the full experience. Next, your legs should be straight out the back and you should be making a conscious effort to press backward with your heels, while you aim to extend the crown of your head forward. Your back should no be arched downward but should be flat across the shoulder blades, and your spine should form a straight line from the crown of your head to your tailbone.

 2. Step Up Plank

You will need to have a box or a pile of books to do this exercise. This may count as equipment but you can use anything you have lying around that is about half a foot tall. Get into the correct plank position. Now step your arms up on to the block one at a time and back down again, like doing step-ups on a step, but with your arms.

 3. Tricep Dips

You will need a regular chair for this. You need to stand with your back to the chair. You can either have your legs bent and feet flat on the floor or straight out in front of you. The latter is more difficult. You need to put your arms behind you, with your hands gripping the edge of the chair, fingers forward. Take your bodyweight on to your arms and let your legs loosen. Now dip down and back up. Repeat this for 30 seconds before taking a break.

 4. 222 Push-ups

In this exercise, you are combining three different types of push-ups. Start in the plank position and do two push-ups, then bring your arms and legs wide and do two more push-ups. Lastly, you want to bring your hands together, so the thumb and forefinger touch, creating a diamond shape. Do two more push-ups. Now repeat two more sets of this before taking a short break.

 5. Self-Resistance Curl

preview-full-shutterstock_561771916This is a way to train your biceps. Place your right arm in front of you, bent at the elbow and as though you are going to cross your arms. Have the palm facing down. Take the other hand and place it facing up on the palm of the right hand. Now you want the right arm to push the left arm down, while the left arm creates resistance. Then the left arm pushes up while the right creates resistance. Then switch the hands so the left is on top.

 Bodyweight training is free and can be done at home. If you’re nervous about going to the gym because you have weedy arms, try these workouts combined with a supplement like Deer Antler Maximum Strength and watch your biceps build! Before you know it, you will be ready and confident enough to hit the gym in style.

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