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5 Benefits Of Yogurt

by Sexpillpros Staff
creamy greek yogurt with blueberry

Many people think yogurt is spoiled milk, but it’s actually fermented lactose from milk. So, bacteria ferments the sugar of milk and creates yogurt. I know, that doesn’t sound too much more pleasing, but it doesn’t matter because this food is awesome for your body.

Yogurt is a well-known health food that’s easy to get from a store or a frozen yogurt joint. It comes in tons of flavors, colors, and different packages. Kids love the Gogurt packs and who doesn’t love frozen yogurt?

But, can yogurt improve your health? Of course it can!

How? Well, there’s a better question.

Before we dive spoon-first into yogurt, first you gotta know that not all yogurts are healthy. Some have aspartame and a lot of food coloring. Aspartame is really bad for you. As are many of the yogurts on the shelves. A lot of the yogurts you grab at the store are nearly swimming in sugar. Many yogurts can have 22 grams of sugar, while the light versions have about 12g.

creamy plain greek yogurt in a bowl

Studies show that a healthy amount of sugar in yogurt is 10g or less. So, keep your eyes on those ingredients and don’t hang out at too many frozen yogurt spots. There’s a reason those flavors are so icecream-like. Sugar or artificial sweetener.

Now, back to the benefits of yogurt.

While commercials paint yogurt as a woman’s food, it’s not. Commercials love to place a gender on foods like all of us don’t need to eat. It’s odd. Anyway, two benefits you’ll want to know about are related to your digestion and sex.

Yeah, that’s right, fermented milk can boost your bedroom times. And other areas outlined below.

Obesity. Not For You.

In 2008, scientists grabbed a ton of overweight guys and ladies, and put them on the yogurt diet. Not really, they just gave them yogurt. In this long-term study, they found that men lost pounds and inches from their waists. But, for women, the results weren’t the same.

Bigger Balls

Back in 2014, researchers sat around all day splitting mice into two groups. They fed one group junk food and the other healthy food. For each group, they fed half of them yogurt, as well. The researchers wanted to see if yogurt could lower the weight of obese people. After the study ended, and they proved yogurt can aid obese people, the researchers discovered another benefit.

Larger balls and other fertility boosts in the male rats.

By the end of the study, the mice that ate healthy food and yogurt had higher sperm and testerone counts, and bigger balls. Their balls were five percent and 15 percent heavier than the mice who only ate healthy and junk food, respectively. Most likely this was due to the probiotics in yogurt, the researchers concluded. Not only were there physical changes, but fertility actually was higher. Female mice became pregnant faster and those females that were given yogurt weened their babies quicker and had larger litters.

So, grab some yogurt and enjoy the sex and fertility benefits. While you’re at it, enjoy these benefits, as well.

Easier Digestion

creamy greek yogurt with berries and nutsDiarrhea, indigestion, and an upset stomach might be part of a popular jingle, but it doesn’t have to be yours. If you’re experiencing digestive issues, go to the doctor. Talk to them about your issues. Suffering through the miseries highlighted in a song doesn’t need to be your reality.

More than just helpful in the bedroom, probiotic bacteria are useful for irritable bowl syndrome and Crohn’s disease. The bloating and constipation-relieving probiotic used for IBS patients is called Bifidobacteria. It lessens bloating and helps regulate bowel movements. Probiotics can also help your body absorb more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from your food.

A word of caution. Pasteurized yogurt doesn’t have these benefits because it is treated with heat which kills the probiotics. Buy yogurt that specifically states “live, active cultures” for the best results.

Muscular Physique

If you’re goal is to build muscle, then yogurt is there for you on that, too. Greek yogurt, known as the healthiest of the yogurts, is full of the high-quality protein your muscles need to grow larger, repair themselves, and maintain their bulk. Plain Greek yogurt can give you 18 grams of protein in just one of those 6-ounce to-go containers. For the best results, go for nonfat yogurt. By eating yogurt rather than meat and eggs, you’ll be skipping the fat, cholesterol, and sluggishness that accompanies them.

Oh, yeah. Make sure you pair this yogurt with strength-training to build muscles. Yogurt cant do this for you. Sorry.

Healthier Immune System

With more vitamins and minerals in your body, you’ll find yourself getting sick a lot less. Side effects of a better immune system include: higher income, less hospital stays, more time with your children and significant other, less Kleenex lying around the house, and a better quality of life. Seriously, the Kleenex is a big problem.

While you stand in the grocery aisle contemplating the meaning of life, look for yogurts that have Vitamin D, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. In addition to boosting your immune system, these vitamins and minerals can protect you against the cold and flu. If inflammation is an issue, the probiotics in yogurt can chill your insides and lower gut issues and viral infections. There are so many benefits, it could take hours to list them all. And to read them. I’m going to do you a favor and segway to the…


Yogurt is good for you. Nonfat, plain, Greek yogurt is the best. It’s the thickest type of yogurt and is packed with about 18 grams of protein. Look for live or active cultures and if you see aspartame, don’t get it. More than 10 grams of sugar is bad and probiotic bacteria is good. Gogurt may taste good but isn’t very healthy for you or your children. Yogurt can help you lose weight, have more children, sport some bigger balls, and not get sick.

Go Greek!


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