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4 Lifestyle Changes For Dramatically Reversing Erectile Dysfunction

by Sexpillpros Staff

When you have erectile dysfunction, it doesn’t mean that your sex life will completely end. Depending on the cause of your erectile dysfunction, certain lifestyle changes may help in improving your erectile function. Arteriogenic factors are the main underlying cause in many cases of erectile dysfunction.

This simply means that the reason why you’re not able to get an erection is that due to problems with your arteries and blood circulation, your penis isn’t getting ample blood flow. Take a look at these 4 lifestyle changes that can lead to vast improvements in your erectile function.

1. Physical Activities For Enhancing Your Heart Health And Erectile Function

When you have poor cardiovascular health, it can lead to a reduction in your body’s ability to supply sufficient blood to your penis enough to produce an erection. Certain risk factors that cause cardiovascular diseases are also tied to erectile dysfunction. These include smoking, alcohol consumption, being overweight or obese, and lack of physical activity.

These are controllable risk factors, meaning you can reduce your risks of erectile dysfunction if you avoid these risk factors. Not only will you be able to improve your erectile function, but you will also be able to enhance your heart health.

Reducing your alcohol consumption as well as quitting your tobacco use can greatly improve your erectile dysfunction. Losing weight and engaging in regular physical activities can also dramatically increase your testosterone levels and improve your erectile function.

Moderate and as high-intensity physical activities have been proven to improve erectile function. Hypertensive patients suffering from erectile dysfunction can improve their ability to achieve erections just by exercising for 45-60 minutes every day for 8 weeks. A total of 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week can also improve arteriogenic erectile dysfunction.

Engaging in regular exercise is an exceptional way to improve your erectile function. That’s because regular physical activity can lead to improved cardiovascular fitness. It also reverses endothelial dysfunction, increases endothelial production of nitric oxide, and reduces your oxidative stress levels.

2. Losing Weight To Regain Your Erectile Function

4 Lifestyle Changes For Dramatically Reversing Erectile DysfunctionYour risks of becoming impotent greatly increase when you’re overweight, obese, or if you have metabolic syndrome. When you have metabolic syndrome, you suffer from hypertension, insulin resistance, and abnormal cholesterol levels. These conditions contribute to impaired erectile function.

When you’re packing a lot of excess weight, it can also lead to a low testosterone level. When you’re low on this important male sex hormone, you can expect your sexual functioning to be negatively affected. That’s because testosterone is much needed for a healthy libido, normal erectile function, and normal sperm production and maturation.

Studies linking obesity and erectile dysfunction show that for men who are obese, the risks of developing erectile dysfunction within 5 years increase by at least 40%. On the other hand, both short-term and long-term weight loss are associated with a greatly improved erectile function.

Even just losing 10% of your body weight can significantly improve your plasma testosterone levels, insulin sensitivity, libido, and erectile function. Whether you switch to a high protein diet or a low calorie diet to lose weight, you can expect improvements in your erectile function as long as you shed off some pounds.

3. Adjusting Your Diet To Improve Your Erectile Function

There have been several studies on the relationship between impotence and dietary patterns. A Mediterranean-style diet, for instance, has been shown to reduce the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in both nondiabetic and diabetic men.

In addition, a dietary pattern that includes a high percentage of fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and legumes has also been tied to significantly reduced risks of erectile dysfunction. When you limit your intake of full-fat dairy products, red meat, and sugar-rich foods and beverages, you also lower your risks of erectile dysfunction.

Following a healthful diet, especially when you eat a lot of antioxidant-rich foods, can greatly reduce your oxidative stress levels. Inflammation in your tissues will also be reduced, and it can help reverse endothelial dysfunction too. It can also help increase your insulin sensitivity.

In turn, your arteries will function better and your nitric oxide production will improve, resulting in improved erectile function. In addition, a Mediterranean-style diet can also help reduce atherosclerosis, thereby resulting in improved cardiovascular health and better blood circulation.

4. Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption

Current smokers and former smokers have higher odd ratios of developing erectile dysfunction. Even exposure to second-hand smoke can also increase your risks of becoming impotent. Chronic and heavy alcohol consumption can also greatly reduce your ability to achieve strong erections.

When you’re a long-term smoker, quitting smoking can improve your erectile function by 25% or more. On the other hand, if you’re already experiencing weaker erections and you still continue to smoke, you can expect your erectile function to further deteriorate.

4 Lifestyle Changes For Dramatically Reversing Erectile DysfunctionChronic heavy alcoholism can impair your libido, cause ejaculatory problems like premature ejaculation, and result in erectile dysfunction. Alcohol-dependent men are highly likely to develop sexual dysfunction.

A 2016 study on alcohol-dependent men, for instance, showed that more than half had sexual arousal and sexual desire problems. Of the 101 alcohol-dependent men involved in the study, almost 40% had erection problems, while 34% had issues with orgasm satisfaction.

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