Male enhancement supplements are generally too vague to compare head-to-head, which is why we have compiled three of the top products in the market to demonstrate how you can pick the best product that would suit your sexual health needs.

Picking the right male enhancement supplement isn’t as easy as it should be. Scams, fake products, and exaggerated claims makes the male enhancement supplement industry one of the least trusted supplement industry. To help you make an informed decision, we picked the three best male enhancement supplements based on science, customer satisfaction, and rating…

In our head-to-head comparison, you can see that all three male enhancement supplements are virtually the same in terms of guarantees, shipping, and all three are within the same pricing bracket. In our in-depth comparison, you would see which brand separates itself from the rest.

#1 Progentra


Progentra is the leading male enhancement supplement of 2017. With only a few weeks after its release, Progentra gained the trust of its customers through word-of-mouth advertising. Now, Progentra is one of the top-selling brands of the year, and it shows no signs of letting up.

One of the leading qualities that made Progentra the leading brand is its commitment to science. Every aspect of the brand has more than adequate evidence to prove that the formula actually works. The concept of ingredient synergy is perfected by Progentra, and its SYNER-BOOST formula is touted as one of the best ever produced by the male enhancement industry.

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#2 TenGenix


TenGenix is undoubtedly the closest competitor of Progentra with its 10-point benefit, a feat which is unprecedented in the world of male enhancement supplements. Since its release last year, TenGenix garnered a heap of loyal customers who have made TenGenix one of the top-ranked male enhancement supplements in the market.
TenGenix has one of the most comprehensive male enhancement formulas as it gives importance to other important aspects of male sexual health such as enhancing the user’s pheromones and reducing the refractory period. TenGenix has its own unique qualities that would make any user consider it over any other brand in the market.

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#3 Biomanix


For the last couple of years, Biomanix is the brand that comes to mind when customers think about male enhancement. The brand has been everywhere – reviews, top sales, even on social media. The brand is seemingly unstoppable with its wide customer reach, and that always has something to do with customer satisfaction.
Biomanix gives customers exactly what they expect when they buy the product. That’s why it has one of the best repeat sales in all of the industry. While brands like Progentra and TenGenix may have eclipsed Biomanix in terms of technology, Biomanix remains to be one of the most effective male enhancement brands ever introduced into the market, as it served as the gold standard by which other brands are measured.

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