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19 Types of Sex Women Want to Have with You

by Sexpillpros Staff
intense sex on the bedroom floor

When it comes to sex, women want to be treated with respect and care. They’re not sex objects you can use whenever and wherever you want. But this doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy sex as much as you do. They can become frisky and wild in the most pleasurable sex in their lives. If you’re wondering how it’s done, the list below will help you get started.

1. Sweet bear hugs that lead to passionate sex

Hugs are beneficial to all human beings because of the connection and intimacy it entails. Women love connection and intimacy. They seldom resist passionate sex that starts with long, sweet bear hugs.

2. Against the wall sex

Sex that starts with pushing her against a wall is like a scene from the movie. This kind of move satisfies a woman’s fantasy of being the love interest of the sought-after alpha male. It makes her feel very feminine but wild.

3. Under the rain sex

Rain is another element romantic or other emotion-filled movies like to use. Raindrops falling from above add up to the intensity of emotions. Sex under the rain makes her feel wet and wild. Because rain is normally cold, she longs more for the warmth of your breath and body. This makes sex even more pleasurable. Just refrain from doing it in public places.

4. Sex where she feels beautiful because you just told her

Women love sweet words and unsolicited appreciation. It gets her wetter when you vocalized how beautiful she looks in your eyes. And that you desire her for this unprecedented beauty and not just for her sexually arousing body.

5. Intense sex while gazing her in the eyes

lovingly looking into her eyes“The eye is the window of the soul.” It’s where she can take a glimpse of your real emotions. Seeing that deep longing in your eyes arouses her the more. And it makes her more fulfilled when she’s able to see in your eyes that you’re satisfied with all that she is.

6. Multiple orgasm sex

This one is probably the most pleasurable sex of all regardless of the location or the position. Multiple orgasms show you’ve successfully brought her to ecstatic states she does not often come across to.

7. Sex on the rose petals-filled bed

As overly romantic as it looks but women delight in having sex with you on a bed filled with rose petals. It means you deeply care for her and are willing to go beyond the box thinking just to make her happy. Not all men are willing to take the effort of filling the bed with rose petals just to have sex. But if you’re able to do it, she feels extra special.

8. Slow sex where you unhook her bra

Women take delicate care of their undies. She appreciates it more when you’re able to unhook her bra with extra care. She also sees it as you’re always willing to give her a hand whenever she needs it, which makes you more of a hot dude in her eyes.

9. She’s the hottest chick on Earth sex

This happens when you’re able to make her feel like she’s the hottest woman ever created on the planet. It can make her more wild, wet, and adventurous.

10. No pressure sex

Women don’t like to be pressured during sex. They don’t want to do things that are against their will. If you do, it will only make them resentful for being weak enough to say no, which makes having sex with you again difficult to do. Some women don’t prefer anal. Don’t pressure her when she says no and she will admire you for it.

11. Oral only sex

Though she might get an orgasm with oral sex, it still doesn’t satiate her at times. Some women find more satisfaction in deep penetration than oral.

12. Screaming her name sex

Whimpering your partner’s name during steaming sex is sweet and romantic. But when you repeatedly do it until you’re already screaming her name is a big turn off. A person’s name is sacred to them. The way you mention it conveys lots of emotions. Saying it out loud can crush her world.

13. Sex initiated by her

woman dominating in bedWhen your partner initiates sex, you’re bound to expect a wild and wet performance. This means her body and mind are in full force for that big event. So, constantly watch out for some cues that signal she wants to have sex with you right then and there.

14. Sex with hours of foreplay

Never underestimate the role of foreplay in your sex life. Longer foreplay amplifies her excitement. Begin the foreplay by teasing her with sexy text messages. When you two meet up, don’t go straight into the bedroom. Bring her some extra treats, which can trigger her excitement some more.

15. Natural sex with no porno moves

Sure, you’ve gathered enough acrobatic moves from that porn online. But don’t make the mistake of pushing her into doing it. You must ask her first if she’s willing and able to do it. If she refuses, never insist or you’ll end up killing the mood.

16. No delays in orgasm sex

Erectile dysfunction can be a real problem here. She will find it painful when she’s come a bit earlier while you’re still trying hard to achieve that most awaited climax. If you have ED, make ways to cure it because it can be a big turn off for her unless she’s your longtime partner who’s able to understand your situation.

17. Sex with soft moans

Generally, women moan during sex. But when you pair it with your own soft moans, it will turn her on the more. When this happens, sex is a kind of dance the two of you are dancing in perfect rhythm. And it can feel more spiritual than physical.

18. Kisses-filled sex

Sex filled with kisses on the lips comes as romantic. Other people who don’t really love their partner avoid kissing them on the lips. Kissing her many times on the lips during sex not only heats her up physically but emotionally as well.

19. Sex that stimulates the clit

Clitoral stimulation quickly brings women to orgasm, the reason why she loves being touched down there. But don’t assume all women love it. A number of them just don’t.

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