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12 Tips to Getting Women Crazy Over You

by Sexpillpros Staff
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Women are more complex beings compared to men, which means getting their attention is a bit complicated. But this doesn’t suggest it’s impossible. You don’t have to allow that romance to slip away when it’s right there in front of you. If you want women to fall head over heels for you, you need to do the things that catch their attention.

Men’s attention is mostly drawn to certain things such as sports, sex, cars, and politics. But women’s attention is drawn to a million things. What this means is that the way she sees things is totally different from yours. You might think you’re cool because of your new sports car or designer suit, but still, this doesn’t give you a guarantee that women will fall for you.

A lot of women simply aren’t turned on by fancy things, especially when they’re seeking lasting and meaningful relationships. They’re more often drawn to the substance. Your coolest gadgets may work for you on short term relationships but not in the long-term ones if that’s what you’re looking for.

You may say you have well-toned muscles and six-pack abs. Congratulations to you, but lots of men have physically fit bodies as well, which means you can’t stand out in the crowd when surrounded by bulging muscles around.

Women can go crazy about you when you’re able to catch their attention by simply being there. They’ll go crazy for you when they can’t stop thinking about you; when you’re in their dreams; and when they’re wet in that dream because of you. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s all doable. Stop confusing yourself thinking about what drives a woman wild. The following tips and tricks below are here to help you.

Work on Yourself

1. Be different

nerdy guy smilingBeing different is not about doing everything opposite to what everybody is doing. Being different is being your unique self. In these modern times, people are crazy over the latest trends that almost all of them look the same. They wear the same shirts and shoes, do the same things, and speak the same stuff. In short, they transform their personalities to fit with what’s cool and hot.

There’s nothing wrong with fussing over the newest look as long as your personality isn’t lost in the process. The good rule of thumb, wear anything comfortable and speak about the things that truly spark interest in you.

2. Be a man

Just because you’re a male you’re already qualified to be a man. No. Being a man is a different thing. It’s not about masculinity. It’s about standing for your own convictions and taking responsibility for your actions. Not all men can do this. Women can go crazy for you when you’re man enough to acknowledge your fears and embrace your vulnerability.

3. Live an interesting life

What does an interesting life mean? It means not wasting your time on video games or working on a job you despised. An interesting life is doing something that scares the hell out of you but makes you feel great and enthusiastic. Women go for guys who are always on the move to improve themselves and their life.

4. Exude confidence

You can get women to get attracted to you when you first believe in yourself that you’re attractive. No woman can hardly reject a man who’s confident in himself and in who he is.

5. Have a life plan

Studies show women are more sexually attracted to men who are stable financially. It’s their survival genes that dictate them to think this way. By having a clear plan of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, you’re already halfway to success. If she arrives and walks along, the journey to financial freedom is never lonely.

Do the Right Moves

6. Take advantage of words

How you use words can either spark or kill a romance. Women like talking to interesting men. Having conversations with her is your way of paving the way to her imagination. Speak your truth, whatever they may be, regardless of her opinion. If something offends her, apologize. You’re more interesting when you honestly voice out your opinion and man enough to own your words.

7. Speak in a sexually suggestive way

This means speaking in a slow and deep voice and giving sexually suggestive comments or dirty jokes. But do it in a non-offensive way. Indirectly letting her know that you’re sexually attracted to her might elicit the same response. Additionally, hold eye contact when talking to her.

8. Ask personal questions

When you’re getting personal, women will have an inkling that you’re interested in them. People love to share a piece of themselves and women are not excluded. She’ll be more interested when you go the extra mile of asking about her interests, passion, family, and even her pets.

9. Add humor

swooned by her dateWomen can go crazy about men who have an excellent sense of humor. Funny guys make them feel good and could be reminders that life is still okay despite its many stressors. Women see your value more when people gravitate towards you because of your funny side.

10. Touch her lightly

A touch creates warm sensations that arouse something within the person. Touch her lightly when you ask questions or when something about her excites you. If there’s a chance to give her a back rub, grab it. You can also offer to relieve her stress by massaging her hand.

11. Send her after shower photos

You want to drive her wild, yes? Sending her after shower photos with bare and wet upper body keeps her guessing what’s under it, whether you’re totally naked or having a towel wrapped around your waist. And it might make her feel wet too, which is the point why you’re sending the photo in the first place. It’s also a strong excuse why you’re unable to answer her texts.

12. Reply to her texts in short messages

Let her fill her mind about you by not replying promptly every time she sends you text messages. Feel like you’re an expensive commodity by showing you’re not always available. Any excitement she has for you is prolonged when you’re not easily accessible. Once she feels you’re a rare possession, she’ll go wild and grab every opportunity she has with you, including sexual intimacy.

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