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12 Signs You Are A Leader

by Sexpillpros Staff
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Whether leadership is innate or not isn’t the question. The real question is, do you have the qualities of a leader? If you exhibit many of the traits of a leader throughout your life, then who is to say you aren’t a leader? Leadership means different things to different people, but there are some traits that are common among those who fill leadership roles.

#1 You Have Integrity

No matter what situation comes your way, you endeavor to display honesty and integrity. Having a strong moral compass is very important to you. You will choose the right course of action no matter what pressures tell you to do what is wrong. A leader gains his/her leadership through an impeccable character that is displayed at all times and with all people.

#2 You Give Others Credit

Rather than hoarding all the credit for yourself, you freely give credit to those who have earned it. This gratitude may come in the form of a thank you or a comment of this person’s contributions. Not only do you give credit but you genuinely delight in their efforts. You don’t need to have the spotlight shined on yourself at all times, you are always ready to shine it on someone else. This natural inclination will pull others to you because you are a “we” person and not an “I” person.

#3 Empathy Is Your Default

Leaders are known for their ability to inspire, motivate, and support. Because you relate to others plights, you make it your mission to improve their lives. By offering solutions you place yourself at the forefront of others minds.

#4 You Ask For Help

You know that a ship would be very hard to build with just one person, so you ask others for support. Your goal is to improve, so you constantly assess your strengths and weaknesses. While you are on the path to improving a weakness, you elicit others who already have that strength. The ultimate goal is the final product and you let nothing, including your ego, get in the way.

#5 You Listen Intently

boss listening to employee Even if you gain immense success, you remain approachable. You are well aware that people are treasure troves of information just needing to be unearthed. When someone approaches you, you listen to them, learn from them, and then encourage them. Not only does this increase their admiration for you but it helps you improve weaknesses you may have.

#6 You Have Mastered Responsibility

Rather than step back or become paralyzed with fear, you make a resolute decision, step forward and take action to change a situation. Not only do you become the voice for others, but you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses when events do not go as planned. Each failure is a lesson for success later on.

#7 Flexibility Is Of Importance To You

As a leader, you invite change. You live with a growth-mindset and cultivate your surroundings to match. If a change will lead you to your goals, you embrace it quickly. You are always looking for ideas to improve.

#8 You Smile In Adversity

When things aren’t going well, your leadership really shows. Because you are confident in your abilities, for the most part, you remain unruffled by obstacles and setbacks. You know that you, or someone you have hired, can solve any issue. Not only that, but your vision is so clear you have no choice but to continue forward. This clear purpose keeps you positive throughout difficulties.

#9 You’re An Optimist

leader has happy outlook at work For you, every challenge leads to success. Each failure is a chance to improve yourself by learning what not to do. When you set your mind to a goal, you bring your positivity with it, which boosts your resolve. As a leader, you know that positive energy is ten times stronger than negative energy, so you harness all this power in a tremendous race toward your goals.

#10 You Know The Importance Of Respect

Respect is of the utmost importance to you. No matter where someone is in the hierarchy of your company, you treat them with the same respect as all others. You see beyond their job title or income level to the person that is equal to every other person. Even if you are having a bad day, you still model respect with everyone you come across because you know the value of each person.

#11 Helping Is Your Nature

You give with no promise of receiving. This selflessness draws people to you as they see you genuinely want to help others. True leaders are focused on other people, not on their own gain. They get the majority of their satisfaction from improving the lives of their customers. Whether you revolutionize the workforce, introduce a new pollution-control system, or host an employee appreciation day, you care about the betterment of your fellow people.

#12 Your Goals Are Clear

No matter who or what is in your environment, you hold steadfast to your aspirations. You have far surpassed any people-pleasing and your focus is on your far-reaching vision. The only pressure that effects you is your own. You hold yourself to a very high standard and do not allow your environment to lower your standards.

These are just 12 signs that you are a leader. There are many more. Leaders are often giving people whose main focus is improving the world. They use their considerable intellect, creativity, or charisma to influence the world. With their future-oriented thinking, they make large goals that will impact the most people in the future. When you become a great leader, remember these traits, they are your strengths.

Were you surprised by any?

How many do you already possess?

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