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woman getting aroused by man whispering in her ears

You are doing your thing, i.e. pleasuring her to the max, or so you think. But, is she really aroused or just, you know, faking it? For men, this may be an ever-present question. Are you really as good as she’s making you feel you are? Now, all women aren’t trying to manipulate you and keep you on edge, but just to ease your probable anxiety, here are ten signs she’s aroused that, for the most part, can’t be faked.


The more aroused a woman gets, the heavier her breathing becomes. During sex, pay attention to the speed of her breathing. The more aroused she becomes, the more air she’ll take in. To enjoy her heavy breathing, and entice her into more, kiss her stomach all over and feel her arousal emanating from her breaths.


Like Shakira, the pop singer, a woman’s hip movements don’t lie. This can start from your first meeting or during orgasm when having sex. For instance, if you are in a club, you may see women turn to the side and bend their backs. This makes their waists seem smaller and hips bigger.

In the throes of sex, you’ll see this same movement, especially when she’s near orgasm as it will speed up. It may also seem spasmodic in some women, but for others, it may be nearly invisible. Different women may display this movement in different ways.


When her more passive behavior turns more assertive, she is really enjoying what you are doing. She may instruct you to thrust harder, cry, or beg for more stimulation. When this occurs, just lean back, take a break, and allow her to lead. She will be able to help you find the spot she needs to reach orgasm. Often, women do not lead sexual encounters, but when she is highly aroused she may take control, because, for women, once they lose the arousal, it may disappear altogether. This is a great sign that she’s picking up what you’re putting down.


woman on top of man getting intimateHighly popular in porn, arching her back or neck is, often, a big sign she is very aroused. This happens, mostly, when you are fingering her or entering from behind, as this will hit her G-spot. When you see a woman with a hunched back and her face buried into the mattress, for instance, when suggesting doggy style, this is a sign she’s not interested. By arching her back, she pushes her butt in the air and tilts her head, allowing you more access. This isn’t a conscious decision on her part, but her body’s natural instincts asking for more. Pulling her hair may excite her further, but this varies among women.


When they are truly enjoying themselves, most women will roll their eyes into the backs of their head. This is a huge sign she likes how you’re making her feel. Seeing the whites of her eyes doesn’t necessarily occur during sex it can occur when kissing or chatting. While often your eyes aren’t open during this time, if they ever are, you may see the whites of her eyes. While this may seem a bit creepy, it’s an excellent indicator that she enjoys you and might want you to do more.


Most women choose their clothing carefully. They know this is a reflection of who they are and what they want the world to see about them. if you notice she dresses sexier around you, it isn’t a coincidence. She’s trying to get your attention, you know, show her what she’s got. By putting her body on display for you, this means she’s aroused by you, and want you to feel the same. A woman who’s thinking about sex with you may buy a new outfit, keep checking her reflection in the mirror, fix her makeup or hair repeatedly, and toss, twirl, or tease her hair. These are aimed towards you, so don’t miss them.


Unmistakable, when a woman is aroused, she will give you “hungry eyes”. Like a wolf, this looks means she wants to eat you, i.e. enjoy sex, possibly rough sex, with you. Her pupils may dilate as she becomes more aroused.


couple getting intimate in bedWhile women have different personalities, they’ll give you a hint, subtly or more overtly, that they want to have sex with you. Subtly, she may comment on your clothing. Overtly, she may flat out ask if you’d like to have sex. Either way, talking is the best way to clarify each others arousal levels. When you are aroused, use positive language, such as, “I’d love to see you without that robe.” rather than a proposition that’s full of sexual frustration, such as, “I’m turned out, how do you not know that?” If you respond in a frustrated way, she’ll respond the same, in turn, and the moment will be ruined.


Her body will instinctively change. To signal she’s aroused, you’ll notice she has added wetness in her vaginal and mouth region, her clitoris and the lips of her vagina will swell. These signs will increase as her arousal increases, preparing her body for sex and a lot more. Like your erection, her sexual organs will also fill with blood. When these occur, there’s no mistaking she’s very turned on.


Depending on her personality, she may initiate some touching. Skin to skin contact is an amazing way to express sexual desire. She may start by touching your arm, knee, or your hand, and progress to more intimate places such as your inner thigh or abdomen. If she heads toward your crotch, there’s no mistaking it. She’s hot for you.

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