10 Reasons Why Almonds are Beneficial for Your Health

When it comes to health benefits, almonds are on the top of their game. They’re perfect for the body health-wise…

When it comes to health benefits, almonds are on the top of their game. They’re perfect for the body health-wise that they’re often recommended as a natural solution for relief from heart and brain diseases, diabetes, constipation, respiratory issues, anemia, and even impotence. Overall, almond is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin E, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is also rich in other nutrients, such as zinc, selenium, niacin, and copper.
Many people include almonds in their diet because not only are they loaded with nutrients, they’re also delicious. They’re commonly eaten raw but others also add almonds as ingredients in salads, casseroles, and other dishes. Almond milk is also considered a great alternative to cow’s milk. Almonds are ideal to be consumed on an empty stomach because this augments and accelerates the absorption of nutrients. Below are the proven benefits of almonds backed by science:

1. Improves brain health

Almonds contain many nutrients that are useful when it comes to the growth and health of the brain. They have been associated with better mental functions and have been considered a vital food item for kids in their development stage.
What’s more is that almonds also have riboflavin and L-carnitine, two essential brain nutrients demonstrated to be effectual in boosting cognitive functions and overall brain activity.

This enhancement in the brain activity creates new neural passageways and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s. Studies have found that including almonds in your diet is beneficial for the functioning of the nervous system and one’s overall health as well.

2. Manages cholesterol levels

Eating almonds on a regular basis helps to augment your high-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol levels while decreasing low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol levels. This stability is crucial when it comes to obtaining a healthy cholesterol level. You can always be sure that a decrease in your LDL or bad cholesterol is always a great thing.

3. Boosts bone health

Almonds are loaded with minerals and one of them is phosphorus, which can be essential when it comes to sustaining your teeth and bones’ health and strength. This mineral is also vital in preventing the onset of health issues associated with age such as osteoporosis.

4. Helps prevent heart problems

Almonds contain monounsaturated fats, protein, and potassium that all contribute to a healthy heart. There’s also the inclusion of vitamin E which can lower the risk of heart disease being an antioxidant. Meanwhile, the presence of magnesium can be useful for the prevention of heart attacks as well.

Moreover, these dry fruits help to decrease the presence and effect of C-reactive proteins (CRP), which typically leads to inflammation that can be detrimental to the arteries. Since they’re also rich in folic acid, they can be useful in the prevention of homocysteine levels since this is what triggers plague accumulation in arteries.

5. Fortifies the immune system

Your body consists of several factors that contribute to general health, which includes the alkalinity of the systems. This is where the almonds come in since they’re good sources of alkali components. These aforementioned alkali substances can be good for the immune system as they boost the body’s capacity to prevent illnesses and other health problems.

As mentioned, almonds are also rich in vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant. Being one, they help get rid of free radicals, which, if left unaddressed, can promote chronic illnesses and can be tremendously detrimental to the body’s organ systems. In fact, studies show that those who have high vitamin E consumption are 30-40 percent less likely to have heart-related conditions.

6. Lessens inflammation

Not all fats are bad. There are actually the good kinds and two of them, linoleic and linolenic acids, are present in almonds. These fatty acids are effectual in terms of decreasing inflammation throughout the body, something that a lot of people struggle with. Both of these fatty acids also aid in the lowering of LDL or the bad cholesterol levels. Besides, they also promote healthy skin and hair.

7. Manage blood pressure

Since there’s potassium in almonds, you can expect your blood pressure to b stabilized with the consumption of almonds. Aside from managing blood pressure, the low levels of sodium in almonds can help to control one’s unstable blood pressure.

8. Increases the production of energy

Thanks to manganese, copper, and riboflavin, eating almonds can help you boost your energy as these dry fruits aid in the process of energy production and metabolic rate. That’s why almonds can be a reliable go-to food when you’re on-the-go without loading your body with calories or fat.

9. Helps prevent cancer

It’s been found that almonds can be effectual in preventing colon cancer. This is because eating almonds enhances the movement of food through the colon, preventing accumulation and the likelihood of colon cancer.

10. Helps with weight loss

Almond consumption can help with weight loss because the monounsaturated present can help with feeling satiated, thus, preventing you from overeating. There’s also the fact that almonds have dietary fiber, which contributes to the feeling of fullness even if you’ve just eaten a small quantity.

In fact, many studies suggest that a low-calorie diet (but with lots of almonds) can help people with obesity to shed pounds. Besides, it’s been suggested that those who eat almonds at least two times per week are more likely to maintain their healthy weight compared to those who rarely or don’t eat any. In fact, the latter group is said to be the ones more likely to experience fluctuations in their weight.

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